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We’ll reward you with Rm 500 of any referred business

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How it Works

If you know a business who could be a great fit for our Team, it’s really easy to get involved.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Recommend us to a friend/business owner. We’ll do the rest.
  2. Once the client signs, we’ll let you know that things are underway.
  3. You will earn Rm 100 of the gross profit of the deal, month on month for as long as they remain with us. The fees will be paid directly into your bank.
  4. This is completely uncapped – the more business you refer, the more lucrative it makes things for you.

It’s that simple.

Example Payment

If you refer a business who’s paying Rm 3,000 per month, you’ll receive Rm 100 each month.

When Will I Receive Payment?

If the business you refer signs, fantastic! We’ll be in touch to gather your details so we can set you up with our accounts team. You’ll start receiving monthly payments after they pay their initial invoice, based on 30 day terms.

If you have any questions about any of the above, feel free to get in touch 

What Type of Business Should I Refer?

Our speciality within eCommerce, primarily fashion, food and homeware,but we’re happy to chat with any business looking to grow and scale online. We do push for clients to spend a minimum of Rm 8,000 per month for best performance, so fresh out the box start ups may not be the right fit.

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Refer & Earn

Refer & Earn programme is a way for you – yes, you! – to earn payment by referring new business.

RM 500

We’ll reward you with Rm 500 of any referred business

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